Ancillary procedures

There are a number of other miscellaneous procedures that may be of interest to patients seeking facial rejuvenation.

Collagen is a form of protein that is useful for softening wrinkle lines in the fold between the nostril and the outer corner of the mouth, as well as frown lines and deep lines in the upper and lower lip. Skin testing is required to screen patients for potential allergic reactions to collagen; some patients may develop allergic symptoms during use.

The effects of collagen last from four to six months, requiring repeated injections. The short duration of collagen’s effectiveness protects the patient from overcorrections or prolonged allergic reactions.

SoftForm Collagen Facial Implants – we are using SoftForm facial implants to enhance the appearance and shape of lips by providing a more defined lip border and giving added fullness. This procedure is done in the office, takes about 35-40 minutes and is totally reversible.

Fat Injections can be used for reasons similar to collagen, but may not last any longer. Fat is also much more difficult to use in finer wrinkle lines because of its bulky nature. Nevertheless, fat injections effectively diminish certain facial wrinkle lines and is also commonly used to give fuller lips.

Chemical Peel, used commonly in conjunction with facelift procedures, is an effective method for removing the wrinkle lines of the upper and lower lip. A “total” face peel may also be performed.

The peeling procedure itself is fairly well-tolerated without any type of anesthesia or sedation. Post-operative discomfort may last one or two days. If a substantially large area of the face is being treated, hospitalization will be necessary during chemical application if phenol is used.

A Phenol Chemical Peel is very useful for removing areas of sun damage and fine wrinkling, the peel may also bleach the skin and give it a somewhat “shiny” look. Those considering chemical peel must be willing to wear makeup in order to soften the bleaching property.

A TCA Peel (Tricholacetic Acid) can be done in the office with varying effects determined by its application. This method is good for fine wrinkling without as much skin bleaching.

Fruit Acid (Alpha Hydroxy, Lactic Acid or Glycolic Acid) peels are popular exfoliants. They remove sun damage and fine wrinkles, and the patient can go to work the next day with perhaps light make-up.

Dermabrasion is used for similar reasons as Chemical Peel. Instead of applying a chemical, a gentle sanding device is used. Dermabrasion is also frequently used to soften the appearance of scars.


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