Breast Augmentation

Chicago breast augmentation, enlargement, and enhancement are some of the most common procedures I perform in my practice. The procedure is used to enhance the shapeliness of the woman’s body. Silicone gel has been used since 1962. Recently the safety of silicone gel has been questioned, and until the safety issues are resolved, the inflatable saline implants are recommended. Silicone gel is still available but restricted by stringent FDA guidelines.

At the time of the initial evaluation the procedure is discussed in detail with the patient chest measurements are taken so that the patient and I can determine what size implants will fit best. The anatomy of the body determines limitations of size, and must be adhered to if the patient wants a natural look. I generally use an incision around the lower edge of the nipple-areola. This approach leaves a very minimal scar and allows good access to the operative placement of the implant. The implant is placed under the chest muscle, which makes mammography easier, gives the breast a more natural appearance, and hides any visible wrinkling that might occur in a person with thin tissue. Because of the incision placement activities are limited only by discomfort. The procedure takes about an hour and a half, with an additional two hours for recovery before discharge from the surgicenter where the surgery is performed.

Capsular contracture may occur, but is much less common than with the silicone gel breast implants. If there is any asymmetry it will be more apparent after surgery since the breast is being amplified. Alteration of sensation to the nipple may occur, but it is not very common. Wrinkling of the implant is always present to some degree since the device is not filled with gel, but a saline/water solution. The placement under the muscle helps to hide this wrinkling.

In some cases breast augmentation and a breast lift are combined to give the best result. I have performed this procedure in combination with other cosmetic procedures, most commonly liposuction, since both procedures are employed to obtain better body proportions. Overall, my experience has found breast augmentation and enlargement to be a very successful procedure with a high degree of satisfaction, and a small incidence of complications.


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