Tummy Tuck

The “tummy tuck” procedure sounds simple at first, but it is actually a very involved process. The procedure is generally reserved for women who have excess skin in the lower abdomen as a result of pregnancy, weight loss or similar occurrences. When it becomes apparent that liposuction and exercise will not correct the problem, surgical recontouring of the abdomen becomes necessary.

Basically, the procedure involves the “redraping” and trimming of excess skin folds. Frequently, patients requiring this procedure have weakness between the two major vertical muscles of the abdomen, which can be repaired at the time of surgery. Other patients may have a hernia which can also be repaired at the same time. In most cases, a bikini bathing suit will cover the scar.

Liposuction of the hips and upper abdomen is frequently used to improve the overall result. The anticipated result of the surgery is a tailored, flatter, tighter abdomen, The surgery is usually scheduled as a day procedure, but may require overnight observation in the hospital before being discharged. Normal activities may be resumed in three to four weeks.


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