Repairing Chipped Teeth

A tooth can be chipped by many factors; weak enamel as well as the cavities challenge the general strength and quality of a tooth. A tooth can be weak due to a root canal. Generally, chipped teeth are essentially the aftereffect of a trauma where a Chip was damaged by pressure or force. Whatever the reason, it is important to visit a dental expert quickly, regardless of the fact that there is no pain. Chipped teeth can easily be repaired with dental crowns, dental veneers, or dental fillings in a few cases. Dental implants will be required if the tooth is severely cracked or fractured; however, it is relatively unusual and rare.


To prevent more problems later on, chipped tooth needs to be fixed immediately. One typical way of tooth repairing is known as tooth re-shaping. This is considerably of an immediate repair and is usually best suitable to scratches or chips. Regardless, a local dentist will take an x-ray to check if there are any extra damages and to ensure that the Tooth is solid enough to deal with the process.

Tooth Reshaping

In the tooth reshaping process, the minimum amounts of enamel are eliminated with a laser or drill; after which rough strips are utilized to shape the tooth’s sides. In this process, the veneers will be used & shaped to a natural looking tooth. This is typically an affordable process, and is useful for repairing minor chips and other flaws. A comparable methodology known as bonding can likewise alter chips and different flaws.

Trivial Damage

In the situation of very trivial damage, enameled forming may be the best choice. If the crack is very small and the tooth is still in place, then dental filling can do the magic; white dental composite can fill the damaged patch. This process is easy enough that it can usually be done without any medication.

Porcelain Veneers

For severely chipped teeth, the best remedy may be a porcelain veneers. If you heard about porcelain dental veneers, then you already know that they are long lasting, hard covers which can whiten and repair chipped teeth all at once. The process is also not difficult, which means anyone can have dental veneers easily.

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