Tummy Tuck

I’ve had an over-sized stomach, as long as I can remember. My mother had it; her mother had it, and it’s gone on for generations. After living with an over-sized stomach for many years, I tried diet and exercise, but to no avail. I took recommendations from friends, family members, and anyone who thought they knew how to fix my problem. I even got with a personal trainer, and tried to get rid of my stomach, but nothing changed.

The crazy part is, the rest of my body would get small, but my stomach was still bloated. I also tried colon cleansing, which is said to clear the body of up to 20 pounds of toxic waste, that still didn’t help. I got so frustrated with all the work I was doing to flatten my stomach, and getting no results, that I decided to get a Tummy Tuck. I learned about the procedure by watching stars on TV

It may be pretentious, but I’m tired of working without pay! Basically, what I mean is, I’ve worked for years exercising without the payoff of a flat stomach. I really hate surgical procedures, even though I’ve only had one in my life, but this is something I’m going to do for myself. I did some research on the procedure and what is required, and it doesn’t seem so terrible.


The biggest thing I’m afraid of, is the cost, which can be several thousand dollars. It doesn’t matter, my 401(k) can be cashed out to pay for this, or I will even get a loan, because I’m determined to make the upcoming year, a new one for me. I consulted with a renowned doctor in my area, and he gave me a consultation, as well as the price. It’s funny; with all the pain, discomfort, and healing that I’m told would be required after the surgery, I was more taken back by the price than the pain!

Again, I said I’m doing this for me, and if it’s going to cost a lot of money, so be it, as long as I get the me that I really want to be. I set up an appointment after the consultation, and I went in and had the surgery done. Without going through the painful recovery details, I’ll just tell you that, months later, nobody can believe that this is really me. I finally have the flat stomach I’ve always wanted! The power of a great plastic surgeon

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